How to Configure OsmoBTS


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How to Configure OsmoBTS
Abis / IPBTS -> BSC
UmAir Interface
rfs@ran:/etc/osmocom$ osmo-bts-trx -h
Some useful options:
  -h    --help                  this text
  -d    --debug MASK            Enable debugging (e.g. -d DRSL:DOML:DLAPDM)
  -D    --daemonize             For the process into a background daemon
  -c    --config-file           Specify the filename of the config file
  -s    --disable-color         Don't use colors in stderr log output
  -T    --timestamp             Prefix every log line with a timestamp
  -V    --version               Print version information and exit
  -e    --log-level             Set a global log-level

VTY reference generation:
        --vty-ref-mode MODE     VTY reference generation mode (e.g. 'expert').
        --vty-ref-xml           Generate the VTY reference XML output and exit.

Regression testing:
       --vty-test               VTY test mode. Do not connect to BSC, do not exit.
rfs@ran:/etc/osmocom$ osmo-bts-omldummy -h
Usage: osmo-bts-omldummy [-h] [--features FOO,BAR,BAZ] dst_host site_id [trx_num]
  -h --help                     This text.
  -f --features FOO,BAR,BAZ     BTS features to issue on OML startup.
                                The names correspond to BTS_FEAT_* constants
                                as defined in osmocom/gsm/bts_features.h,
                                e.g. '-f VAMOS'

Abis / IP Interface

USRP N2x0Ethernet
USRP X3X0Ethernet

Configure OsmoTRX

osmo-trx -c 2 -R 38 -eUmTRX with EDGE
osmo-trx -gSingle channel with GPSDO
osmo-trx -m -c 3 -g -eMulti-Channel with GPSDO
osmo-trx -c 2 -gwith GPSDO

OML Interface

Operation and Maintenance Link (OML) is the connection between BTS and BSC

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